Supporting Compassionate Care Through Music


The Institute of Music in Medicine (IMIM) is dedicated to promoting and incorporating the benefits of therapeutic, live music in caring for those facing life threatening illness. It is a non-profit charitable organisation with tax deductible gift recipient status (DGR status).

The IMIM endeavours to make this music available without charge to the recipient.


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Institution: "An Institution is an organisation for the promotion of a cause, a society, or a public foundation. It can mean a building occupied by such a body, but the word institution is often used in research and academic circles to mean the body itself without the limits of location" (Emeritus Professor Helen Cox). The Institute of Music In Medicine has taken Em Prof Cox's latter description to encompass its program of clinical vigil offerings, practitioner training, its research arm and public educational presentations.


"It is not just the music, I must make this clear. It's the love that goes with it" - Patient


Contemplations on the Therapeutic Uses of Music Conference

This conference was held from 22 to 24 March 2013


Click here to download details of what was a very successful event.


A flier can also be downloaded here.

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